Dr. Renee Jacobs

Practice Management Depot

Independent optometrists provide 70% of annual eye examinations, however we capture less than 50% of annual eyewear sales.

Is this true for your office?  Are you feeling frustrated? Are you motivated to improve?

You can Change YOUR Trends! You can Improve YOUR Metrics!

You can help YOUR patients experience the joy of best possible vision for every life endeavor. Help them VISUALIZE the benefits of owning and maintaining multiple pairs.  Through a simple process, you can differentiate your business from your competition, while increasing sales of premium lens products too. Earn the results you want. Transform your successes one patient at a time.


Let's Talk Metrics

I can help YOU achieve the RESULTS that YOU want.

Let's Talk Metrics: YOUR Opportunities

Numbers never lie...AND...Numbers rarely tell the whole story! You know your patient demographics. You know the vision plans you accept. You know which lens vendors you utilize for specific patient groups.

Hopefully, you also track your Capture Rate, within each patient population. Hopefully, you know additional key metrics too.

Our first step is to look at YOUR metrics, and talk about YOUR patient populations. Then we can agree upon YOUR opportunities for increasing sales.

With that understanding, together, we can structure YOUR STRATEGY. You can to help more and more patients "SEE THE VALUE" of purchasing multiple pairs - premium lens packages - from YOUR optical.

Let's Talk Metrics: In-Office_Training

Each management area has a simple role and a measure, toward helping every patient "See The Value" of owning multiple pairs.

Management areas include: Recall, Appointment Scheduling, Appointment Reminder, Reception, Pre-Test, Examination, Optical, and Dispense.

Within each management area, individuals show up with the end in mind, plus their strategy for achievement. Individuals report their own measures to the entire office, including memorable patient encounters…the successes and challenges. We discuss ideas for improvement.

As a result, more patients "SEE THE VALUE" of purchasing premium lens packages. Your increasing Capture Rate and Revenue Per Patient prove success!

Communicate With Confidence

"What You Say" matters.

Communicate your ideas logically using words the patient will understand.

"What You Show" matters.

Pictures help patients VISUALIZE the benefits of owning multiple pairs. Pictures help patients VISUALIZE lens packages.

"What You Share" matters.

Share more than prescription numbers. Give an Illustrated Optical Treatment Plan too. Include pictures plus lens package details. Smart and capable consumers will do their own research, toward making wise decisions. If your products are better, empower each patient to understand why!

I can help YOU achieve the RESULTS that YOU want.

Keynote Speaker and Continuing Education Provider

You can do it! Communicate with influence. Earn patient loyalty. Earn business success!

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